Permit Partners went above and beyond in their efforts to help us get a variance for our front-yard playground. David pursued our case through practically every office in the city. Meanwhile, he communicated promptly with us and kept code-enforcement informed. There is no way we could have gotten this variance on our own–or even have moved the process far enough along to get a hearing. Thank you, Permit Partners, for a job well done.

Rosie Weaver, Central Austin

Thank you, thank you, thank you, David. Without your guidance, manpower and iron fist, we would not have gotten through this arduous process. Your participation is undoubtedly the ONLY reason we now have a permit in hand.

Sarah Bullock Mcintyre, Austin Design Professional

David was instrumental in getting our approved by the City of Austin. After numerouse meetings over a 6 month span, David never had a doubt that we wouldn’t have our (building) permit in hand at the end of the (variance and Mcmansion appeal) process. David was knowledgeable about City ordinances, permitting requirements, and overall procedure. We are so thankful we can build the garage addition that our growing family needs. We definitely couldn’t have done this without David’s assistance!

Keri Krupp, Central Austin

Hiring David was one of the best decisions we have ever made. After construction began on our new home in Central Austin, a mistake was discovered on our survey and we found we had inadvertently built into our 5′ setback. Never having built a home before, we quickly hired David to help us pursue a variance from the City of Austin in order to avoid very expensive repairs to our existing structure. To our complete surprise, we immediately found ourselves under fire from our neighbors and their attorney, the neighborhood association, and even parties from other neighborhoods! David was our staunch ally throughout our ordeal and never lost his cool. He always kept his eye on obtaining our variance and never gave up – even after we had. If you need a fighter who hates losing to stand up for you, David is your man.

Rich, Central Austin

I got the run around from the City of Austin on some 20 year old permitting issues, trying by myself and with my contractor to get them cleared up for 18 months involving endless meetings that went nowhere and endless frustration. David came in, prepared the case, did the work, understood how to get everything cleared up better than anyone at the City of Austin, (applied for the necessary city of Austin variances)and in one City of Austin Board of Adjustment meeting was able to get all the issues cleared.

Rob Adams, Director of Venture Labs, UT McCombs School of Business

My experience with the city of Austin residential permitting was an absolute nightmare for over a month. Within 48 hours of hiring Permit Partners they fixed the problem and had new permits delivered to the job site. Even after delivering the new permits the city continued to harass me, yet David remained on board to help straighten out the process by acting as an effective, aggressive mediator between myself and the city. As a business owner I don’t have time to deal with these issues. I absolutely recommend Permit Partners to anyone seeking permitting assistance. I could not have had a better experience.

Krish Michaels, Shoal Creek Blvd Austin, TX

We were having trouble navigating the City of Austin permit process; within a few days of hiring Permit Partners, our electrician was able to pull the necessary permit. Permit Partners provided us with step by step instructions on what was necessary to obtain the permit and our electrician got the permit the same day.

Marie Kosta, FGI Services / Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions

David’s knowledge of the permit process allowed me to attain my permits, finish construction, and open my restaurant on time. For anyone who has been through the permitting process, it is an equally frustrating and time-consuming event that can delay your plans for weeks or months. DCI Permitting offers an invaluable service in obtaining the requisite permits as quickly as possible so that you can immediately begin construction of your project. Unless you have the time or patience to sit around the Building Permits office all day long, I would highly recommend using the professional services of DCI Permitting to assist in the permitting process.

Michael Chang, Owner, Al Forno Slices and Pies

In early 2010 we chose David Cancialosi at DCI Permitting to perform all of our permitting for the I-35 corridor that includes Temple, Austin and San Antonio. He is extremely efficient in producing permits for our projects both commercial and residential. He has had to work with our clients on more than one occasion and he always presents himself in both a professional and courteous manner. With all the new rules surrounding construction it is extremely difficult to run a business and deal with all the paperwork as well. We need to build things, not file paperwork for permits and David helps us do that every day. I highly recommend David for your permitting needs.

Stephen Marsaglia, Region Manager, All-Tex Exteriors

I hired David on the first project I started in Austin. We are a custom home builder and David’s assets were proven to be an invaluable resource to our business. As a young builder in Austin, David’s ideals proved to be very in line with my own. He is an aggressive and motivated businessman that delivers on his promises. He is one of the best resources you can have in any permitting matter. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone no matter the size of the project. I look forward to working with DCI in the future.

Trey Allen, Owner AusTex Renovations LLC